1 Jun 2016

"And I don't recognise where I am..."

My CD of The Mutton Birds' great album Nature has been kicking around at home and in my car since the mid 90s, jealously protected from the children when they were younger. Now they sing along when "Anchor me" comes on.

This week, listening to the album in the car going to work, "In My Room" got lodged in my head. "And I don't recognise where I am..." was somehow very appropriate driving down Voortrekker Road at 8am.

What I like about The Mutton Birds (apart from the great melodies and the intros in particular) is the unreliability of the narrators -- there's so much more going on than usually is in pop songs. And they easily bear repeated listening.

For anyone else who's fallen for them, this site gives lots more info.

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