25 Nov 2016

Ravelry and me

It would be silly to say I recently discovered Ravelry, because I created an account quite some time ago. But somehow I didn't log in from one year to the next. Then I started crocheting again (I had horrible repetitive strain syndrome last year and had to stop -- that and the very hot summer we had) and started messing around with sharing my own projects there. And found what a lot of fun it is, and how motivating.

This blanket is the project that I was working on at the end of the last year, and that got overtaken by the summer. No fun sitting with this on your lap when it's almost 30 degrees C.

Then I started another blanket -- this time with granny squares. That was fun too, and for a while I took my little bag of tricks with me all over the place, crocheting as I went. I meant to make a blanket for one of my nippers, but, when my father started whinging that everyone else in the family had a waistcoat except for him, I decided to use them for a waistcoat instead. Without a pattern. Hmmm.

It almost drove me round the bend, but in the end I had this.

It's a little bit weird, and probably not as nice as the waistcoats I made my children freehand, but there we go.

It was quite a big deal for me to finish a project for an adult -- it took soooooo much longer than the dinky ones I made for my kids.

This is what I've got on my hook now -- a scarf in a cotton (it's summer again). The pattern's a little tricky (I don't read charts and the English translation's a bit dodgy, so I'm using the Dutch, ha ha), but I think when it's blocked it will be ok. Maybe I'll even finish it in time to give it for Christmas.

And there you go! Other stuff I make that makes me happy.

PS.Sorry about the lack of pattern names and Ravelry pages etc. I'll edit them in soon.

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