30 Dec 2016

Day 11, 12-15, holidays

We went away for a few days and I didn't want to post while we were away in case someone was reading this blog, with nefarious intent, and worked out where we lived, and came to steal all my books. Pretty unlikely but it made me anxious so I didn't.

Anyway, I can tell you now it was Onrus we went to, to see two groups of friends we don't see often, and we had a jolly time. We swam at Davies Pool the first day at low tide, at Jan Rabie Pool the second day at low tide (in picture), and at Davies again at spring tide the third day. It was spectacular. A queue of people walking down the ramp into the pool, and the same walking out, and just a sea of heads in the waves - no actual pool visible, the tide was so high.

In between all that lovely swimming action, we had a braai and a Riesling tasting, another braai with a rack of lamb that we bought for another occasion and time was running out on, and a pizza evening, not in that order. Lots of garlic at both braais, all good for one's health.

We stayed at Fudge for two nights in Onrus, a lovely spot with keen gardeners as hosts and great beds,

and then a poncy night at a Wildekrans cottage. The best bit there was the circular salt-water pool. What a win. And now we are v pleased to be home.

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