17 Dec 2016

Day 2, holidays

We didn't do what I'd lain in bed thinking about today (walk at Silvermine in the morning) nor what we agreed at breakfast (getting the Christmas tree and starting to decorate it). Instead, I took the children to see Moana and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd read a few critical comments about the Disney portrayal of Maui, so had expected it to be a bit annoying but on the whole I liked it. It didn't really have that thread of adult humour that I think Sing will have (because most of the songs will be familiar, making the versions in the movie funnier) but it was visually interesting and the protagonist wasn't a bad female role model.

It reminded me of Whale Rider, which I watched years ago, and the grandmother angle probably didn't hurt for me either. A bit cheesy but not bad. I liked her "turning into" the manta ray.

More swimming this afternoon. Reading crafty blogs for me and Minecraft for the children, followed by some fairy tales (The Musicians of Bremen), regular dinner at the table (instead of movie night dinners in front of the TV like the last two nights), stories and bed. Good plans for tomorrow. Let's see how they turn out...

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