19 Dec 2016

Day 4, holidays

Today was different to how I thought it would be too. We went to the castle this morning after a quick swim, when it was looking overcast. I even put the laundry inside to dry, for safety. But when we got to town, we discovered it was hot and sunny there. We hadn't brought hats but we had creamed up in the car so we were OK.

I like the castle, as one of the few really old buildings in Cape Town (South Africa really) but it's nicer without quite so many people. They have been working hard at sprucing it up, though, over most of this year at least, which is great. They have a brand-new map to handout too, which is a great help.

In the afternoon, after getting home tired, we rested, did some more rather elaborate paper decoration work, read a favourite book, posted letters to friends who've emigrated, bought bugspray from the supermarket, and swam again. The pool does seem to be earning its keep...

The mozzies are out in force now, so nets are up at night.

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