21 Dec 2016

Day 5 and 6, holidays

I slipped yesterday and didn't post. By evening I was tired. We spent the morning at St James, which was lovely. The tide was high so the water was a bit colder in the tidal pool than it had been at Dalebrook - we were at Dalebrook at low tide, so the sun had had a chance to heat the shallower water. Still, the sea at St James wasn't too cold. The waves came up over the end of the pool and crashed over those sitting or standing there in a white wave of spray and bubbles.

I put on goggles to see the urchins and seaweed but the water was frothing too much to see clearly so I just swam.

The children could play independently which always pleases me, though I kept an eye on them. They spent quite a time digging and building in the sand.

Apart from a contretemps over a sandwich, which had the wrong thing on it, all was good.

Today we'd promised would be the day for getting a Xmas tree. In the end, I had to go down with the children on my own to choose one but we did it, and spent some happy time decorating it, and testing the lights. I was always my grandfather's helper when I was a child, testing the six sets of lights we had. They were attached to a special brown bakelite multiplug, and we'd test them at the diningroom table. Many years what I really wanted to do was sleep under the tree, so I could smell the piney scent and watch the lights all night.

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