26 Dec 2016

Day 8, something or other, 9, holidays

I pondered looking at the calendar to see exactly what day it was of my holidays, but it didn't seem to matter hugely.

I went to the doctor on Friday morning after feeling really ropey on Thursday. There was pneumonia in the house already and it didn't seem sensible to leave it and then have to pay extra to see the dr on Xmas eve (the next day). The dr told me my husband has a woodworking obsession (I already knew) and he thought I was developing pneumonia too. Oh dear. I went home to bed. Luckily the children were out with Oupa.

That was day 8. Day 9 the children went to a show in the morning, leaving me free to give present-wrapping some stick. Before lunch, I went back to bed and stayed there till it was movie night. Ice Age 5. Yawn.

Day 10: Crimbo! Someone else made a super-human effort and got the ham in the oven and other lunch things on the go. I slept late, tidied the house (actually just the lounge), congratulated the children on their stockings and regretted the inadequacy of the presents I was about to give.

Lunch was good after a massive present-opening session, accompanied by exploding chocolates by the same people who make chocolate oranges.

The rest of the day was lazy but I did manage a swim - very good. And then I got ahead of myself after making dinner and reading to the children, and did a massive pile of washing up. And then, even worse idea, started making the candied orange peel in chocolate that I'd planned to make for a present but been too sick to do.

It took ages longer than I expected and I was pooped by the time I'd got the peel to the soaking stage.

And then I couldn't sleep!

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