7 Jan 2017

Day something or other, holidays

We spent the day in Kalk Bay, having got the keys to a friend's house while he is away sailing in Senegal or somewhere glamorous with a mad French guy.

Swam at Dalebrook again where the waves were wild, at high tide. The pool was a place of adventure - we had to hold the children's hands tightly while they got used to the water foaming and slopping around them - it went right over the path where a bike was parked. I was proud of them though - they were the youngest in - one boy in a wetsuit was having none of it, and watched his dad in the waves from the safety of the bench.

After lunch at Bootleggers and a fool around at the house, we visited a pool I've only ever been to once before. A real locals' spot. Down some steep steps between Kalk Bay and Clovelly.

The sea was a wonderful green colour.

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