15 Apr 2017


"This place should be in a peace video on YouTube".
So I guess it made some impression on the smallest.

I had several moments wondering whether I had been wise to come to Silvermine to walk alone with the two children. I thought about bad people waiting to get us. I thought about the girl who was raped and murdered in Tokai. I hoped it was all right to walk on around the lake, rather than turn and run. There were few people there -- the car park at the end was not even half full. The wind was icy on my bare legs, and I was glad to find that my boot was messy enough to hold my long purple winter raincoat that I wore in Estonia a few years ago. Even though the summer here was exceptionally dry. Thank God for untidiness, and not putting things away.

I even wished for ear-warmers. But it was beautiful.

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