24 May 2017

Six-pack? None-pack!

There's no way I knew what a six-pack was as a 6- or 9-year old. It wasn't a thing in my world. For my children, however, with super heroes swarming around them, and Anaconda waiting in the wings of inappropriateness, six-packs are a thing. My daughter had the closest thing to one in the family for a while.

As all those with small children know, the ability to burst your bubble is in-built, not acquired. Given this, perhaps we shouldn't have been surprised when my son declared that his father had a none-pack, not a six-pack. This clanger was shortly followed by a chorus of "squishy, squishy, squishy" as my son poked various parts of my anatomy.

Good to know how one is viewed.

On a similarly silly note, this blog is a year old...

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