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Black Forest brownies for Christmas pudding (with cream!)

On Christmas Eve, we made Black Forest brownies for Christmas pudding. I was working on my own (the slacking children were off somewhere or uninterested in helping me) so only got one pic: real fresh cherries, halved and pitted, with chopped dark and milk chocolate (yes, I am using the wine-cooler as a mixing bowl...). The other main ingredients were muscovado sugar and a minuscule amount of flour. Hmm. Probably a good thing we don't eat these too often!

We also treated ourselves to whipped cream (not out of a can) and they were pretty good!

I'd been wanting to make this recipe for quite a while and never had the cherries to do it (rather expensive, cherries are, and they have a v short season here too). Then my husband bought some and I nabbed half for the brownies, rather to his disgust (I think he was ok with the nabbing once he tasted the brownies). I've made many of the recipes in this book, and almost always had a success, including a number of other brownie recipes…

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